War of the wizards (korean movie)

The korean movie I was talking about in my last post.

This is also called: Jeon Woo Chi (in Korea)
Glad I finally know a place to get my asian movies.
I now say I definitely needed to watch it for a second time.
Since in this action,fantasy and comedy movie not much gets  explained, you really need to pay attention to the details in the movie.

In short:
A young wizard (still student) who is quite rebellious and searching for fame, gets falsely accused for killing his master/teacher.
For this he is punished, just as his side-kick human changed dog, to be trapped in a painting for 500 years.
But then goblins (looking like animals) escape their bottle prison and they’re being chased by the master wizards. (I keep it simple, since I don’t want to search for the word they used for those people :P)
But they can’t defeat them and the one they always used to rely on is also gone.
They turn to the young wizard who is still trapped in the painting and get him out of his prison.
The young wizard gets a crash course for the present and wizardry, since as soon he came out of the painting the goblins came searching for him. (he can’t do magic without his paper chants that his dog still has who is locked in an other painting)
Seeing a girl who looks like one from the past (and is probably a reincarnation: watch the mirror) he tries to get her attention, but also searches for the one who killed his master.

I think I notified enough with this short intro.
At least enough to watch it without getting confused.

At some points it is hilarious with the snobby actrice and the wizard just not knowing what kind of world he landed in.
The beer being stolen by him and other stuff.
It is slightly romance, because of the girl (who works for the actrice) who reminds him of someone from the past.
Also notice the master (in the very beginning) gives hints to him that come handy in his future.

I enjoyed watching this and don’t even regret buying this one.
Probably going to watch it again some time. Especially for the last fighting scene’s.
Or the hilarious scene where the so-called dog gets kissed and their both awed.
Just watch to know what I mean.


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