Update about the blog

Today I went shopping with my mother and as usual a trip to the music store.
But while searching for dvd’s to watch in the (rubbish) caravan, I found another asian movie.
One I already had seen actually … so I bought it together with a movie from Tim Burton…starts with a ‘C’.

Going to watch it again and will tell you how it went and such.
On the back it announces the actors and stuff and to be honest I already have seen 3 films with this main actor (see picture) Gang Dong Won even at a previous post he played one of the main characters. (Psychic and Duelist)
So many movies seen and still I haven’t talked about all of them, since I’m doubting if that is what the occasional reader of my blog would like.

But besides movies I also got to take something home from school.

Guess what this is!

If you don’t know what it is.
It is sugarcreme!
Mine has hazelnut flavour, but making the sugarcreme itself was a lot of work.
First I had to boil sugar and water to a certain degree and add that to whipped butter that almost looks white (little by little) after the sugar mixture was cooled down.
Just getting it to the right temperature was a long road and even though I got a compliment from the teacher that it looked and tasted great I felt quite unsatisfied with the fact I only made 2 sugarcreme hazelnut cakes in 4 to 5 hours.
Of course with a half hour break in between….. I could have done more if I had prepared myself better.
On my schedule was also marzipan flowers that I wanted to put on top, but that idea never got further than my mind.
Oh well maybe a next time it will go better.
And the difference with this type of creme and normal creme that is used for cakes is the sweetness.
Some classmates tasted it and tought that there was alcohol in it since it felt warm in the mouth like alcohol does.
Maybe that was because of the creme or just that it still was a little bit warm.
I would have loved to take also biscuit base with me from school, since I can’t use the cream, because I can’t bake at the moment.
My mom still loves the cream and eats it with pound cake. (not much, just for the flavour)
But I think that is a bit too heavy since in both product is a lot of butter.
Can’t wait until the day we move out of the caravan and into our home above the café, since that will be the day I can buy an oven.

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