The chocolate from the workshop

Like I said, on 22  November I went to the chocolate workshop.

It was fun, messy and delicious!
What you normally can’t do in a bakery I could during the workshop.
Liking your fingers and eating chocolate as much as I wanted during the time I was there. Who wouldn’t want that?

We got a short explanation about chocolate and where he gets it and how it’s processed.
Then the first thing I got to do (and the others who were there) was decorating the chocolate moulds with white,milk and/or dark chocolate. It depended what the base was going to be.
I chose dark chocolate.
We (the others and me) got to put a balloon in chocolate to make a bowl for later and made delicious chocolates with filling.

Sadly I didn’t bring my camera since it was: getting home from school after a test, walk the dog, eat and go.
I’m quite exhausted right now, since the workshop ended around half past nine and I had to wake up at half past 3.
My biggest luck was that the workshop was held in my street.
The final result:

An up-close picture of the chocolates inside:

Even got to take it home in quite a fancy box, but couldn’t close it because of the height of the bowl.

And I was smart enough to take these pictures before something happened.

The already fragile chocolate bowl got a big hole when I was gone, because my mother started cleaning and she wanted to put it away to a safer place.
Not that I mind since I already had the pictures, but I wrote a warning on the box she ignored. ( : 
Well she did want to keep it safe, but a warning is always there with a reason.

I’m drifting off from the chocolate.

We got to design (sort of) the chocolates.
This is how mine looked like:

That piece of chocolate beside the chocolates was chocolate used to close them, but we weren’t allowed to do that above the chocolate machine since that would contaminate the chocolate. (which is bad and not quite handy for the chocolatier as well)
The fillings were also to your liking. In total there were 5 and I used 4.

The last filling was praline with “Speculoos” cookies.

The chocolatier also had a little surprise contest, which was to get the chocolates out of their mould all at once.
I was close I was actually the one who got the closest with only 2 chocolates left in the mould.
If those had come out I would have had 10 more chocolates to take home. ^^

The trick was the tips the man had given us beforehand.
1. Keep the mould as clean as possible at all time.
2. Fillings may only take up 2/3rd of the leftover space.
3. When closing don’t keep taking off chocolate since this will make a hole in the bottom.
He said more things, like how to make melt chocolate and make fillings, which temperature it needed etc.

If you happen to live in Belgium or South of the Netherlands (close to the border of Belgium) I would recommend going.
Click here for the website of him. (Only in Dutch… or Flemish…I don’t know it looks like Dutch to me.)


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