Yes here in Belgium we had Halloween!

It was fun and I even followed the halloweenroute through the woods nearby and had much fun.

The pumpkin above was also carved by me! ^^
I found my pumpkins also in the woods ( I carved them a day before for the people who were going to sit in the woods)

I only got scared twice in the one and a half hour walk, mostly since I was walking in front of the group and saw everything coming.

I was too busy enjoying the walk and taking pictures.
While taking some pictures some people jumped from behind a tree, so I sort of missed the timing since I was distracted.
There was also several fake graveyards in the woods with people hiding in some places.
Even though I never walked in that forest I still walked in front of the group.
This also made me walk from the path and right into the soft sand which filled my shoes.
Somewhere in the woods some people made a piece where you had to stand still and watch.

At this one they pretended to take of body parts and fall of the table whereby the so-called “slaughter” jumped from behind the curtain with a leaf blower. (sounds just as awful as a chainsaw sometimes)

It was fun and next year I hope to make something delicious for this event. (and again dress up as a witch)


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