No oven….

Currently helping out in my parents Café.
Lots of decorating since here in (some parts of) Belgium they celebrate Halloween as well.
So I’m busy hanging the cobwebs on the window and other decoration.

Even though I won’t be able to bake at home for about 2 months or more, I still get my sugar at the bakery in our street.

So good!
Those in the back are some kind of almond cakes with apple and the other I don’t know for sure. 🙂
In the front are mini cherry and apple pies.

I even found out they sell waffles with apple,cherry and apricot filling.
I didn’t know that was possible. O_o
But they did taste good. 
I have the luck having a mother who likes sweets just as much as I do.  So every weekend I go to the bakery to buy some to eat with coffee or tea.

A few days ago I wrote myself in for a chocolateworkshop at that same bakery. (it will be late november when the workshop is hold there)
I’m curious what I will learn, but he is a chocolatier who makes his chocolates really well.
Normally when I buy chocolates they easily melt and sometimes even have a buttery flavour, but from a good chocolatier (I found out) the chocolate is stronger which gives a sound when biting in them and have a fuller chocolate flavour than ordinary chocolate from the supermarket. 
A good chocolate doesn’t crush as easily as one from a supermarket. 🙂

Now I wait for the workshop and see what comes out of it. (we get  to take the chocolates with us afterwards)


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