Dutch cookie Gangmaker

Last time I talked about the cake in a cookiecup and that I couldn’t upload the pictures… now I can. ^^
With the recipe ofcourse for your ease. (I searched if this had an english name and apparently it is a typical dutch cookie so no english name.)
Gangmaker in dutch means like something that makes people at ease during a cup of tea or coffee so that the atmosphere becomes a bit lighter. ( I think :D)

First the dough:
Needed:  100 gram flour, 70 gram butter, 45 gram sugar, 4 gram water and 2 gram baking powder

Knead the butter with the sugar until the butter is smooth and mixed with the sugar.
Then ad the water and mix again. At last put in the dry ingredients and stir until you get lumps and that they become on piece of dough.

Let it rest for about an half hour in the fridge and knead it soft again.

Roll it out until thin (and don’t use too much flour! this makes your dough more fragile when rolling it out again)
and use something round to fill it into the mold. (there should be some edges)

Put in a teaspoon full of apricot jam (or any other kind you like) on the bottom. (no need to smear since this will happen while baking)

The dough:
Needed: 100 gram flour, 1oo gram butter, 110 gram sugar, 2 eggs (about 100 gram)
Make from this your basic cake batter. (butter and sugar until white, egg in 3 parts added, adding flour while mixing it with a spatula)

Take a bag and fill it with the batter you just made.
Take off the tip of the bag to pour it into the dough cup with jam and fill it to just under the edge.

Let it bake at 210 degrees celsius ( 410 fahrenheit) for about 15 to 20 minutes and let them cool off.

In the supermarket here in the Netherlands they usually have a chocolate glaze on top and a raspberry jam filling.
And at home these are always quickly gone ^-^. 

Oh and the reason they look like this is because I put 4 grams of  baking powder in it instead of  1.
So they might look different when you do it. (I kinda like it this way)


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