Hi Dharma (korean movie)

A movie I watched a half year ago or so. ( Hi Dharma)
A comedy about gangsters who flee into a monastery after a gangfight.
In short:
Five gangsters have a battle with another gang.
They find out some one from their gang has been giving out information.
They flee into the mountains and end up at a monastery.
With some luck they get from the groundkeeper or master (I can’t remember XD) permission, but the young monks don’t agree and they end up doing a contest with the gangsters to see if they can stay or not.
The monks think they are only troublemakers and the gangsters think they are too quiet.

Can’t tell too much ofcourse or else I’m telling the whole story.

It was definitely a comedy and the fight between the young monks and the gangsters was the most amusing part.
I feel sad for the statue. Mostly mistakes and attitude that brings a stir into the monastery.
It is not going too far with the violence and the movie has a good focus about the stay and not the rest.
A good storyline if I say so and the little hints that come may let you figure out the leak (sort of, since it is mostly phonecalls outside the mountain)

I would reccomend this for sure, but only as a one time movie. 
That is the sad thing of an goodflowing storyline sometimes, because they are easy to remember.


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