Red pears

Pears are red? No!
Then why are these red? Well I cooked them like that.
These pears used to be very sturdy and inedible because of that unless you like dense pears.
So these types are actually used to make a dessert.
Sometimes my mom used to bring some from the grocer and most of the time my dad had eaten them before I could since these are very tasty.

Now my problem was… what is the real recipe!
Some use a fruity red wine and some berry syrup and others use different wines and or only use wine or only use syrup etc.
The possibilities were kinda endless for me but I was kinda short on money… so I cheated on this one.

Here in the supermarket you can buy “Perenrood” (translation: Pear red) which is sugar with added colour so that you can get the distinct red pears (sort of )
Here’s how mine looked like…

So I tried them to make them myself and don’t believe those products they sell in the shop they may give a colour but the actual red pear taste isn’t there since these are…

Normally they are more deep red. (because of the wine and berry syrup)
But a good first attempt since all I added was some syrup (really a tiny little bit) and cinnamon.
Cinnamon really tastes good with this for some reason, but I put a bit too much in it even though it was less than half a spoon on a whole liter.
I should search this one out and experiment some more since my dad plucked a whole bucket full of these pears.


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