Psychic (korean movie)

I just made a list of asian-movies I watched and compared to last time it sort of doubled.
I’m around 55 movies or so which is about one movie every 2 weeks.
Soooo many I haven’t talked about! XD

Some time ago I watched the movie Psychic.
The ending was quite confusing and unclear to me since nothing was explained properly.
It is a watch and know movie… a.k.a. what you see is what you get (to know.)
But they do have an amazing movieposter.

In short (of what I remember)
A guy with a traumatic childhood has some kind of psychic powers since he was a child (hence the trauma.)
Being able to control people he easily steals without leaving a trace until one day a person seems to get out of his range.
The other persons slowly starts to understand that the guy has some psychic powers and that he himself has it too, but realises this after some people die because he wasn’t under his control and tries to do things right.
After chasing, finding proof it was the guy doing all the stealing and mental fighting it becomes more serious.
They start to fight with one of their lives on the line.

What confused me was the psychic thing the good guy is supposed to have.
Or was it general survival? Oh well not going to break my head over this.
The movie was good to watch, had a good storyline (except for the end) and background information, but the end annoys me even now.
Do you like the ending?


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