The cake!

I almost forgot to post the cake!
Or at least the recipe.
But I have a time to adjust to the new place where I have my internship. ( A bakery that I go to for school to learn how to work fast, neat, clean etc.)
Waking up in the morning around 3:50 a.m. instead of 6 a.m. is quite a difference.

Now for the recipe… it’s actually called Moscovic cake. (the name for using raisins in cake (simply said))
I adjusted the recipe a tiny little bit since I’m using a recipe from school…..and I’m leaving some stuff out as well since baking is always experimenting to your own liking. (but the basic will be here)

This recipe needs 2 bowls since the egg white and egg yolk need to be whipped up apart from each other.
But since you probably only have one mixer I adjusted it for the home bakers. (The whole process off but that would be a long long story)

First mix up: 100 grams of egg white + 63 grams of sugar until you can hold the bowl upside down without the mixture showing signs of moving. (this can be put aside for a little while so make sure everything else is ready!)
Second mix up: 120 grams egg yolk + 100 grams of sugar untill it is stiff.
Put the egg yolk mixture into the one of the egg white and stir several times (It doesn’t matter if it is completely mixed since you will be adding flour and that needs to be stirred as well)
Then put all in a big bowl  and while you mix you add little by little 110 grams of flour and 100 grams of finely chopped butter (MIXED IN THE FLOUR!)
As last you stir in soaked raisins, about 125 grams would do, depending on what you like.

Put it in a mould or just a cake mould and bake it at 180 degrees celsius for 45 minutes and when you did the poke test (with a bamboo stick that you use for barbeques and if anything sticks to it add 5 minutes to the time)
When done baking turn it over on a towel and let it cool down.

Sorry for the messy recipe and that there are no pictures.

I recommend reading the recipe first so that you can make a plan!
I currently have a cold, but at least I’m trying not to make this blog dead.

Several tips!!!!
1. Too make the raisins stick better you can put some flour through the raisins (flour makes it stick to the dough)
2. Make sure that the mould is coated with non-stick spray for baking (always!! when baking cake!)

That will be it for now…


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