Treasure inn

This movie from Hong-Kong was quite interesting.
Treasure Inn is a mixed story that contains comedy but also some seriousness.
Normally this wouldn’t have worked out well and it does make the movie a bit…..cheesy.
Some parts seem quite childish and simple-minded, but it isn’t meant for children.

In short:
Two skilled men are working for the police.
Even though being the ones with the most skills they have a low rank.
After a big murder the higher ranked officers  don’t know what happened to those people and after the highest ranked officer came by, they try to push the blame on those two lower ranked officers.
These two get confined to jail and just so happen to meet the dragon sisters.
These 4 people become close and try to find what happened to the treasure of the murdered household.
(one for the money and the other for their innocence)
Once arrived the riddle about the last murderer becomes clear and what the role was of the treasure.

In all it does seems a quite bit off and maybe not funny, but the characters themselves and some other figures make it funny (sometimes.)
If they didn’t put in those characteristics that makes them funny you would have a completely different movie.
(maybe a more realistic one that people sometimes like)
Still giggle at the monks part.


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