school started again

Yes you hear it well I’m back to school and for some reason September is always the busiest month.
Me and my friends are planning a costume, planning on a new haircut, making the costume, for school I need to make a test this month to see if I am still at the level I should be and some other stuff so it is quite busy.

But I let you quickly now what I did bake at school.
First week of school was making cream cakes and making your own cream + cake of course. 
And as always I was the last to finish my products.
This week we made profiterole covered in chocolatefondant (today covered in yellow fondant filled with banana and pastrycream) and two types of cake which were fruitcake and marble cake (a pound-cake mixed with chocolate batter)
Today I came 20 minutes earlier than the rest and finally finished at the same time as the rest (sort of) which means I need to work out those 20 minutes since this would be bad if it happened at an exam. (at an exam you go in to the room at the same time and leave it at the same time)
Luckily I still have about a half-year before my next exam.

This week nothing to show sadly enough, because of the whole costume stuff, but as soon that is finished (since I’m inexperienced sewer it’ll take some time) I’ll post the red pears, a recipe for the cake I made (but a little different since I now know what went wrong :D) and hopefully soon I’ll try homemade profiterole so I  can post that as well.

Only a second year student and still need to learn a lot….
I should catch up with the theory.  ^^’


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