soaked raisin cake

Always (!) when you plan baking and want to use raisins you have to soak them first.
Or else they burn and lose their taste because of lack of moist.

So I soaked them in coffee liquor and of what I learned through biology it didn’t get much liquor in them because of the ratio sugar in both. (something to do with osmosis)
So adding some water to the coffee liquor made the raisins swell a bit more than without water.

After several hours letting them swell , the time depends on the temperature of the liquid and the thing mentioned above, I found it time to make the cake.

this is how traditional batter looks like ^^

And then baking it…

It tasted well, but because the raisins didn’t soak too well this was the result… a rimpled cake.
And for some extra flavour I  poured some of the leftover liqourmixture (sugar from the raisins and water) on top of my piece of cake.  ^_^


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