Dead friend

This is another korean movie I recently watched.
A horror again. ^_^’

This one does contain some jumpy moments, but that is mainly in the beginning I think.

In short:
A girl who suffers from amnesia starts having nightmares.
Not knowing what happens she gets contacted by an old friend who informs her about her old friends.
Apparently one died and they start to get frightened.
Soon after another of the old friend group dies and another ends up in the asylum.
The girl starts to get her memory back and finds out her boyfriend knew her before.

Even though the whole boyfriend felt odd in the story (watch and you’ll understand :P) I still found it reasonably good to watch.
The main story is also quite good, but there were also some moments that don’t connect with the story.
As if to show how her life is right now. (this did break the tension for some parts and they became less scary)
In other words th storyline doesn’t go really smooth and goes a bit off track. (I think unintentionally)
It would have been a good movie if they kept it like how it went in the beginning and just left the part with her new life a bit aside.


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