Il Mare

Il Mare

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Once I saw this american movie about a mailbox that sends letters back and forth in a time gap of 2 years.
This movie was called “The lake house” and I loved the story, but apparently it’s the american version of the movie “Il Mare.”
How many American movies are actually a reproduction of Asian movies?
Hmmm, oh well I like the original better. ^_^

In short:
A woman who leaves her house, leaves behing a letter in the mailbox for the next owner to kindly send letters meant for her towards her new house adres.
She does get a reply from someone….in 1998.
After several letters they find out it is the mailbox that sends the letters back and forth 2 years in time.
They start to help each other overcome the difficult times, but when they set a date to meet in the present he doesn’t show up.
She feels let down and he doesn’t understand why he didn’t show up.

Eventhough I liked the American movie, I just got confused by the way they showed the story.
Through that version I was constantly thinking in which time it was playing.
The original is less confusing  and much clearer.
Also it doesn’t give away much from the start unlike it’s american version.
All in all a good movie, but some parts bother me, but if I go on about them I might spoil too much for the ones who are gonna watch. 😀



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