The loner

Another korean movie.

“The loner” is an unpredictable movie with a smooth storyline.
This is a good movie even though it is a horror movie.

In short:
A girl whose friend killed herself, because of a bully, starts locking herself up in her room. (quite detailed first part, but this is done to make it unpredictable)
Her ‘uncle’ and grandmother, who she’s living with are concerned.
But there seems to be a secret in the family and one even unknown.
As the days go by bad things happen, especially after the maid was found outside the house. (alive but frightened)

This movie lead me to think one thing, but kept the truth from me until the last moment.
If you stay sharp during the movie you might find out the underlying story before the end.
It doesn’t have a confusing storyline at all.
They just want to put you a bit on the wrong tracks.
It is a simple horror movie which means there aren’t jumpy moments. (that or I ain’t that easily surprised) πŸ˜›


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