Yay I baked something!
Well I did say I would start posting stuff of my baking even though the recipes aren’t really coming yet.
Why? Because I’m still learning from mistakes I’m making.
In fact I’m baking without using my knowledge to figure out what could go wrong.

And it did go wrong. (sort of :P)
I was preparing the ingredients for my cookie dough and I wanted the butter to be soft quick, so I put it 30 seconds in the microwave, but then it got too soft.
The problem you get from this is that your dough doesn’t want to stiffen up in the refrigerator, it becomes more sticky than usual and this makes it hard to roll out the dough and move it around. (since it breaks more easily)

Also it gives a lot of mess when the dough is sticky.

In the end I did succeed in making cookies, but they didn’t become nice and round like they should’ve been.

Luckily they taste good.
I used the brown sugar instead of the whitened version since I wanted to know the difference in taste after baking.
And it does give a little flavour to the cookie instead of only making it sweet.

Tips again for myself and the readers:
Don’t microwave/heat-up the butter unless it is described. (most likely only for cookies that need to go through a pipingbag)
Don’t use brown sugar when you want to make a colour difference. (I was supposed to make a chocolate swirl :S)
And brown sugar gives a more deep flavour to the cookie itself.


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