1st birthday cake

YAY! My nephew turned one a week ago.
I got the honour to make his birthday cake.

A lot of things went wrong the day before.
First I used the biscuitmix to make the base, but that burned and had to make biscuit from scratch since the bag with mix was empty.
Luckily that worked the next day I put in strawberry bavarois in and fresh strawberries.
This was still quite a big cake. (around 25 x 30 at least)
The fondant still had to be coloured so I did that in the morning.
But the sight of my hands where like that of a painter afterwards. 😛

A little note towards myself and others who read this:
Be carefull with gel food colours some need a little bit to get the right colour and some need a lot!
Always calculate in any mistakes, so that you wont get into trouble. (coming short of things and stuff like that)
I almost had orange instead of yellow luckily I had enough spare fondant.



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