Birthday party

Few weeks I had a very small birthday party with some friends. (most of them had to work, planned something else or just didn’t reply)
But still it was lots of fun!
Some had to eat dinner so we made sushi. 🙂 and it tasted good with some salad as side dish.

Then I quickly made a whipped cream cake (only the cake was already baked the day before :p) and let themselves decorate their piece.
Which one is mine? ^^
Since I haven’t celebrated that many birthdays I mostly don’t know what to do so I am lucky with friends who are spontaneous and come up with things.
First we hold a little spontaneous shoot with our make up done. (first time doing something this girlish with others)
Then afterwards we watched a movie about the queen Elizabeth. (and the golden age)
It was interesting but it got a bit late so some were sleeping halfway through the movie so we skipped the last half hour of the movie. :p
In a week or so school is already over. 0_0
Times goes by quick… too quick.  Even though it was just a half-year of school it still went by quicker then expected.
After summer I’ll be already in my second year. (In other words I’ll stay in the same class)
Let’s hope next year will go as well as this half-year.
PS. I just found the scheduler on WordPress so that it puts it up on dates that you want it to be sent 😀


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