And the result…..

Like you might have read somewhere in my messages, I had an exam for the basics.
I was really nervous and even got there 1,5 hour too early. (I just wanted to avoid traffic jams)
So after waiting my and seeing one of my classmates come in, my teacher came and showed us around a bit.
Luckily we had gotten a tour or else I would have been even more clueless than I was when I did the exam.
For some reason everything seemed to go very slow, so in the end I started running around as if I had lost my head, because I thought I would run out of time.
But!!! After just one turn left to have arrived home I got a text message from my teacher that I….


You can imagine I was quite happy.
There were some things not really perfect but those were told to me and they had their reasons.
Now only need to practice a bit to get it perfect but it is more the tidying in between that lost me the most of time.

Nervousity gets me out of my rhythm but they did see that the cleaning for some reason got my mind back on track.
(Maybe because I did it for several years as a job?)

I’m still glad that I passed and what is done is done. 
Now only go further and hope to pass the next exam that comes within a year or so.


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