My exam for the basics is coming closer and closer.
The spritz biscuits are finally in my head (with how to shape them), but now the only little thing that could be problematic is the burning of things and the cake decoration.

At my internship they gave advice on how to use the ovens over there, how to get there the easiest and some other tips.
A few lessons ago (a few weeks back) I burned almost everything I baked except for one plate. ^^’
So those tips can come in handy.

Now I only need to think of what to make of my whipped cream cake, since there are so many options to decorate a cake. (even with whipped cream there are quite a lot of options)
I do know what I am going to use for the cake, since I already needed to make plans, but when left free with options on how to do it and further decorate, I seem to be completely absorbed in thinking. (in other words I look lost, but in reality my mind spins around the cake and it’s options)
This will be my first exam for pastry baker.

I hope I don’t forget anything…..ah.. I’ll also will be garnishing with imitation chocolate.
I need to make one 6 letter word and a decorative edge.
Don’t know how imitation chocolate will be like, since I only practiced with egg + sugar.
Oh well I will need to practice at home a bit with folding, preparing and other things.
I think everything will become just fine.


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