Sorry…but I got cake!

For the ones who see my blog might have noticed that I haven’t been blogging lately.
Well I think I just lost a bit of confidence in keeping up the recipe a week.
But at least I made cake!! and desert. ^^

My brother’s birthday came up and he and his wife told me different things on what he actually wanted on his birthday.
Of course I listened to  what my brother said and pleased my sister-in-law with some meringues.
Here is the cake.

I let my mom help with the last bit of decoration since she likes to do that, but I was always shooing her out of the kitchen normally.
(When making dinner for friends she wants to do it, but I take over since she sometimes doesn’t know what to do when people are already coming in)
She was proud and so was I.
Then this week I got to take home pastryshells from school. (made them myself XD) and filled them with bavarois.
It became really sugary but it filled the corners of what dinner had left open.

My dad liked it as well and when he came home today he ate the leftover bavarois that mom wanted as desert. (which was still quite a lot)
But at least this means it was good.


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