Summerday (skipping a week for the recipe)

It really felt like summer today!
Yesterday as well.
Temperatures came around 29 degrees here in the Netherlands.
Today just so happens to be Mothersday.
I gave my mother breakfast on bed. (just something simple)
She appreciated it and the rest of the family came in around 5 and I played with my nephew and nieces under the sprinkler. (Yeah I am a big kid sometimes)
But it was fun today and hot so the water was really refreshing as well as it was cold. 😀

I did not know what to make for this week as a recipe, because I’m fully thinking of the birthday cake I need to make for my brother next week.
They keep changing demands, so that I’m adjusting every time and they did say it shouldn’t be an ordinary cake with whipped cream but now it seems he likes it that way but also likes those meringue things.
Oh well I love doing it so I don’t mind in the end. ^^

Have a great week everyone!


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