Spritz biscuit

I’ve been making these during school, but at home you have to do with what you got.
And it tastes a bit different as well since I use butter at home but some sort of crème margarine at school. ^^’

But none the less it tastes yummy!
Here is the recipe for this week:

Enjoy baking! And especially make sure the air stays in the dough!
I was a bit slow and suddenly I couldn’t squeeze out the rest of the dough.
If that happens to you, you can spoon the rest out and make blobs of dough on your baking plate ^^
Looks a bit different but the taste is te same. (only the structure is a lot less crumbly like a spritz biscuit should be)

My exam is coming up since the papers went out this week!
I already know what I am going to make. Spritz! and something else but I keep that to myself until after the exam (to hear if i failed or not)
Finally the teacher realized he forgot to send us instructions on what my subclass needed to learn so it is study time for me after the short break. ^^


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