Dating death (Hongkong movie)

So I finally seen an other movie and this time one from Hong-kong.
In short: One guy disappears after a troublesome night.
A year after the friends return to the hotel after getting a strange note.
The friends are getting killed one by one and they suspicious of each other.
Do you know who the murderer is?

Well yeah!
Right after the beginning actually the hint is already in the secret invites they get.
Also when they meet around a round table the focus was more on the chairs when they where standing up angrily then on the conversation.
For a supposed to be horror movie it wasn’t scary at all and the ending was supposed to be sad, but even though I cry easily no tears where coming.
Some things aren’t logical at all.
Why would some one run after her friend with a knife while she ain’t the psycho one.
And why is it called “Dating death” while there was no dating in the first place.
More appropriate was Nr.7 or room 7 since that was the main point in the movie. (at least so it seemed)
After watching the movie I searched a bit on the web and found that this movie  flopped after release.
If they had changed the story a little bit so that the reactions where a lot mor real, contained more logic and adjusted the characters it could have been a good story.


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