Hello Ghost (Korean movie)

This is a comedy with a sad ending. (that was my thought)
At first it is funny but it really is at the final part, the last few minutes that it will become a bit sad.
(The structure of the movie reminded me of the movie ” Marley and me” where I also cried at the ending)
I thought I was safe with this comedic movie, but in the end they betrayed me and brought me tears.
It’s a good story though and fun to watch.
Some things seem obvious and some are coming from a more different angle than you expected.

In short: A guy fails at a suicide attempt and when he wakes up in the hospital he starts seeing people who only he sees.
Not really in the mood for the ghosts he tries to get rid of them.
The first attempt goes wrong and the second attempt let’s him learn a few lessons. (with a lot of silly moments that you don’t want to happen to yourself)
After they are gone he remembers the things he needed. (I want to tell what it is but I can’t, because that way I would spoil too much)

I would definitely want to re watch this.
But I’m curious for one thing…..I just read that there is going to be an American version from this movie and it is supposed to get a lot scarier.
I don’t think it will fit the storyline like it is now, since that would be unlogic to me. (to make it scarier)
I’ll be looking out for this movie and see what they will make from it.

PS. I know it is a lot of korean movies I am watching, but I can’t help myself.
I hope the next one will be from a different country 😛


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