Easy cake

Yes an easy cake or birthday cake.
If you know how you can use a piping-bag than this is a piece of cake!

A good cake doesn’t have to be difficult

As you can see the only thing that was used for this cake was:
– Whipped cream
– Strawberry jam
– Biscuitcake (or normal cake) I used a mix.
– chocolate pieces (take a chocolate bar and grater)
– more whipped cream
– strawberries
– chocolate pieces bought in the supermarket

Mine was 35×25 cm and I used about 0,9 liter whipped cream and a half jar of strawberry jam.
That is quite a lot and it was just enough for 35 people.
I did get my compliments for this cake and some even had high expectations, since they already tasted one of my cakes before (thanks to my brother ^^)
It was fun to make this for my little niece who was more interested in eating the strawberries and chocolates than putting them on the cake where I said they were supposed to go, but you can let go of it since she became 3.


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