No recipe but movies this week

I should have made a recipecard for my recipe-a-week, but I kinda skipped out on this one.
Why? Well one reason was April fool and the other was that I had to bring home 2 big cakes from school (the school store was closed TT-TT).
The cakes were tasty and all, but just a bit too big.
1 Whole cake went to my brother, who wanted to invite some friends when he saw it, a half went to where I used to work (and my mom still works there :P) and the other half stayed home.
One half cake was meant for 8 people. So you can understand I didn’t bake this week.

Now for the movies.
I watched: “The incite mill-7 day death game” and ” Kaidan restaurant.”

The incite mill:
A mystery movie with murder, plots and deception.
It was a good movie.
In this movie 10 people get voluntarily locked inside some kind of place.
Here they have to stay for 7 days, but they can go out sooner when only 2 people are left.
Soon the first person is found dead and people are seeing each other as the murderer.
There was one person highly suspicious and I did not know what to think of this character.
It became clear in the end.
There are little minor points in the movie, because some reactions weren’t coming over as real.
But if you like movies you really have to figure out than this is your movie.

Kaidan restaurant:
To be honest, I saw the anime first. (seen every episode ^^)
I loved the anime and then searched for the movie.
That wasn’t so easy but I found it after some searching.
The movie is loyal to the menu that is displayed in every episode of the anime and starts with a story in anime.
But to make a movie from a story is rather difficult and so the main movie felt a bit lacking.
The main movie seems to contain 2 red threads that connect with each other, but that isn’t the problem.
The biggest problem was that the atmosphere of  the anime (and probably the novel as well) did not come forth into this movie.
It had some funny parts so that kids can watch and such, but it wasn’t the same as the anime.
There were some parts that were well done, but some were more for bringing up laughter than having anything to do with the movie or reactions that an actual person would give. ( but of course this is probably a kid focused movie)
Kids probably would love the movie, but I rather re watch the anime since that is a bit more scarier.


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