Movies: Arang + Wishing stairs

Arang (film)

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Yesterday I felt like watching a horror movie.
While searching I found two korean movies. (and I watched them both :P)
Arang” is a movie where you get doubts while “Wishing stairs” is clear with its message.

First I talk about the movie: Arang.
A good movie to watch.
I really got pulled into the movie, because it wasn’t predictable and had a good storyline.
The puzzle pieces in my mind came together in the end when the end was nearing. 🙂
There were a few question marks for me when I got to the end of the movie, but they got explained in the end.
It might be a little too serious subject for some people and it might not be so scary for some. (at least I did not get scared)
But for someone who likes to see a good story in a movie, this could be it.
In short: A detective got stuck with a rookie detective. She looks for someone from her past with a scar on his hand.
They get on a case that seem to make mysterious deaths and with a clue from a mail the victims get, that eventually leads to a saltvillage, they find out more and more of what  happened there and in the end who is actually killing.
In the meanwhile she (the detective) has nightmares about things that gives clues about the case. (this was the only thing I didn’t really liked since the dreams come sudden without a warning, leaving you questioning what happens, until she wakes up)

Now the movie “Wishing stairs”
This movie has a clear message carrying in it.
The beginning starts kinda slow and you do need to pay attention to certain parts in the movie, because you could possibly miss something important that explains what is happening. (don’t even skip the beginning)
Even though the main characters are two ballerina’s (I’m not really into ballet) and the story of ballet seems unnecessary, it is the red thread that keeps it all together.
I did get bothered that it takes a bit long for the “thrills” to come (felt like halfway for it finally became thrilling.)
But for me it kinda paid of to watch further (especially because I’m just curious for the end.)

Wishing Stairs

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In short: There is a stairs near a dorm which has 28 steps, but counting them aloud while going up, there will appear a 29th step.
When it does you’re allowed to make a wish and it sort of comes true. 2 Best friends each made a wish without each other knowing they did.
And then there is this third girl who likes one of them and is insecure. This third girl also makes a wish.
It looks like it becomes a big mess untill the end finishes it of.
(wow didn’t know I could describe a full story without spoiling too much, which is NOT a good sign)


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