Week 2 recipe: Chocolatechip meringue

A friend of mine came this sunday and she wanted to bake something with me.
I said some options and this is what we came up with.

I let her choose the and colour of the meringue.
But I did not chop the chocolate pieces well enough so I had to get it all out of the piping bag with a spoon.
My arm was full of sugary stickiness.
This is how they looked on the bakingplate.

Of course she wanted to make this at home.
So this came in handy for my recipe a week thing.

Enjoy making and eating it, but don’t put in too much food colouring. ^^
Unless you want to have a coloured tongue.



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2 responses to “Week 2 recipe: Chocolatechip meringue

  1. Looks like choc chip mint ice cream. Yum.

    • DB

      It does, but it doesn’t have mint flavouring sadly enough
      But eventhough it doesn’t have that, it still tasted good ^^

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