Cake and fruitjelly

Last sunday I was craving for something and I did not know what to make.
Then I decided on something but I had no idea if it could work out.

This is what I made.
The cake is just pound cake.
But the fruit jelly was my actual experiment. ^^’
To be honest I never have made jelly and when I tried to make “jam” (jelly that you smear over bread) half a year ago it did not go well at all. TT-TT


So I just took some frozen fruits assortment from the freezer and cooked it with water, sugar and gelatine.
Thing I don’t do when experimenting is reading instructions. -_-‘ (which the packing of the gelatine had)
After a while I thought it was thick enough and spread it over the cake.

I already had mixed some of the fruit sauce with the cakemix to see what it would do….which was only making it grey (almost no taste of the fruit.)
But the jelly on top tasted surprisingly good. 
I did forgot to put the jelly mixture through a sieve, which led to strawberry seeds in between the teeth.
Might be a handy to write that down somewhere. ^^’

Note: Filter the jelly

I do have to say that you have to eat it quick, because the jelly contains moisture, which could make your cake mushy.


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