Duelist (korean movie)

Duelist (film)

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I watched this yesterday.
And I can tell you the story goes everywhere.

There is this seriousness in the story that gets broken up by the comedic actions that are displayed throughout the movie.
And even though I’m some one who easily cries, when something sad happens in the movie, I couldn’t with this.
There is an assassin, a detective, lovers, justice, chaos and comedy.
I can’t even tell how the story goes, because there was a lot of things happening in the “Duelist.”

How can you be shocked by a kill-scene when the person that will get killed first falls on his bottom and slides an icy stairs like a kiddy-slide. ( that was my experience of course)
With a different type of acting and with a different timing of comedic actions and less chaos this would have been a really good movie.
With all these different kind of things happening in the movie I can’t rate it like an actual romance, detective or comedy since it has it all.
This could be a good thing or a bad thing, but it all depends on how you experience the movie.

I do have to say I wouldn’t mind re-watching the movie, since it has some beautiful scenes in it that live up to the movie title.
But also this movie is at some parts easy to guess what will happen, so one scene that could have been very sad actually got ruined by being predictable. (for me)

Of course I’m left with questions on certain things about the ending.
Like how did he escape? Why did he say he died? etc.
Of course these questions won’t get answered, but if you think you might know the answer to these questions (if you have watched the movie) then I gladly like to hear them.


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