Well this is an egg cake in english, “Eierkuchen” in German and an “Eierkoek” in Dutch.
I made it last thursday but wanted to post something at least once a week so I had to keep myself from posting this earlier.
I now know how these are made 🙂 and the smell it gives when coming out of the oven..Yuck!
(There is ammoni-something (sorry I forgot) used to give them their shape and fluffiness and that stuff just smells so bad)

But that doesn’t matter as long as they taste good. Right?
Well I can say that it tasted just fine.

And it did have it’s fluffiness.
Even though it did not look like the type of “Eierkoek” like they do here in the stores, the taste was exactly the same.

Proud to have made this during class.
But still have to learn A LOT!!


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