Cyrano agency

So just a few minutes ago I saw the movie: Cyrano Agency!

It is a good movie with romance and a bit of humour.
The movie is about a group of people who help certain people fall in love with their clients.
Then one day there is a client who want’s to marry someone who has a past with one of those in their group.

This ain’t a movie to cry for, but a movie you can watch without concern.
There are some parts people could familiarize with, because of the deep emotions in the movie, the mistakes people make, the misunderstandings and the love.  😀

A good movie for valentine’s day even though it is late.
It is even a good movie for the singles I think as a single myself.

It isn’t a soggy movie and enjoyable to watch.
But even though it could not keep my attention the whole time, which made me skip some seconds from the movie here and there, I did not miss something important since in some parts of the movie there is a flashback which keeps you up to date of what is really happening.
I would say about this movie that it is watchable but not repeatable.  (this only counts for me :p)


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