No butter, milk and icing but I still want to bake!

Today I received a diploma so I was happy and when I am happy I want to bake something.
BUT with a lot of sweet recipes you kinda need butter, milk or some kind of icing for the decoration.
I did not have it here.  TT-TT

I realised I still had biscuit-mix wich did not need any butter or milk.
So I made cinnamon cake. 
That  wasn’t quite satisfying, so I wanted to take a try at making cakepop’s.
But of course I did not have icing.
So I searched the refrigerator and saw creme fraîche.
After some searching on the internet and tasting pure creme fraîche and creme fraîche with sugar I made the next.

I start to like the taste of cinnamon in cakes so when I tasted the finished product I did not stop at 1.
The creme fraîche gives a fresh taste to it when combined with sugar. (without it,  it is quite bitter)
Tried to make a shape as well but that did not go so well when trying it to give it a coat. (this was done with milk chocolate)

I need to level up my coating skills.  :S
But for a first try it was good enough for me. 😛


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