Schoolwork and a sweet party

First off is schoolwork.
For the first few lessons we can bring the things we make home ^^
So here are “Boterbiesjes.”

I don’t know what they are called in English X3
Even though they look like sandcookies they’re absolutely not that.
I tried them and there not so crumbly and loose as a sandcookie and they are a bit harder to bite in them as well.
Not that you have to put a lot of effort in it…..I just can’t describe it well for now TT-TT

But yesterday I had a lot of fun.
A friend of mine wanted to give a little party for about 6 other people with cake and cookies Xp
I had to come up with the cake flavour and stuff like that.
I was absolutely clueless for a whole week!  But then decided to make something most of the people trust they’re flavourbuds too.

This is my piece from this morning . ^^ Cinnamon cake with a sort of applesauce in between.
My parents have tasted it and complemented me on it.
YAY!!!! ^^

I left the colour of choice for the whipped cream to that friend mine and she chose light-green.
Even though the whipped-cream was a bit over-beat the gelatine that I put in kept it a bit firm luckily enough.
And I decorated the sides with some nougatine that you most of the time find on cakes.

I’m really happy at the moment with the cake and school working out in the end.
But I’ll try to bake at least once a week at home to put up in my blog, since I don’t think I will get my bakes home after this week. 😛


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