Yesterday I watched this movie “Higanjima” and found it good to watch.

Sypnopsis: Akira hasn’t seen his brother after he left with his girlfriend to a remote Island 2 years ago. Suddenly a stranger helps him after some guy’s want to pick a fight with him. She claims to know where his brother is and wants Akira to help him fight against vampires.
Akira and his friends go to the island without knowing what will be waiting for them.
But even though there was some headsmashing, slashing, blood, violence and vampires, it wasn’t much scary as I thought it would be.
Though you do get the feel op sympathy from the head character “Akira” and there is a lot of happening with all the characters, I still thought something was off.
If I rethink about it, it more looks like they want to give a message like about war. (yeah silly me)
Like I interpret it: “There will always be someone in the past or present going after the blood of the innocent, but the ones with a heart will be fighting for freedom and gain it if they work together.”
The vampire of course would be the symbol of the person who starts a war to gain the things that ain’t his. (the always returning of a bad guy)
Maybe I think too much, but that is what I get out of this movie after some sleep.

If you don’t know what I am talking about, than I’ll ask you to watch the movie.
 Of course do this with a clear mind and not what be too much influenced by what I just said 😛
Let me know what you think.


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