Hi me again.

I was planning on some baking today, but in the end didn’t do it, because my head was full of things.
Was planning on practising baking bread…..-_-‘ But I wrote down my thoughts and cleared my head, because within a few weeks I have to make the decision to start-up my school year.
Within the next week I’ll be going to a bakery for 2 days of work and see if I like it and if it is like that I will become a pastry baker or at least I will be learning for it. ^^
After more than a half-year doing work I just want to go to school again.
My parents said to me: If you don’t start school again you’ll become a cleaning lady.
TT-TT  I don’t want to become a cleaning lady, because I already done it several times as a summer job and believe me I appreciate them a lot for their work but I don’t want to do that forever.  (If you ever see one thank them because it’s not an easy job to keep up with if you do it 5 days a week)

I’m anxious to start school again and I would be happy if I could do it until the end. 
Even friends of mine say I can do it as long as I put my mind into it.  And I can say that for the past week my mind has only been the school I want to attend.
So I’ll cross my fingers and hope to bake something. ^^
It is hard work becoming a baker but I think it will be a more satisfying job, because you know people will buy it because they like to eat it.

Movie- time: Antique bakery

I think this is most fit for this blogpiece 😛 at the moment.

I really like this movie. Why? Well because it is funny, has all kinds of things happening in it and it has a deeper story line than you might expect at first.
It is about acceptance, love, friendship, sweets, a bakery and a sad past.
Even though it looks chaos at first and nothing seems to work like it should, in the end it really ends like what they bake “Sweet!”
There is one thing I did not like and that had to do with the past of the owner of the shop. (No I’m not gonna spoil too much or else it would not be fun to watch anymore)
It is not a predictable story at all and it kept my attention really well.
Even though this is a korean-movie, it’s origin lies in a Japanese manga.
I haven’t read the manga so I do not know if it is a lot different, but I do know I like the movie.
I saw it a half-year ago and still know the story. Lol.

Do you like this movie?


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