Yes I had made sandcookies in December 😛
So this is a really late post about it.
I also tried to make cream-puffs a few hours before the clock stroke 12 and the first batch went horribly wrong. (they were flat)
The second batch were a lot better but I regret the fact I didn’t take pictures.
During December I also made another strawberry whipped cream cake.
This time I DID get to taste it and it tasted just fine.
But I saw everyone eating my cake and felt a little bit guilty since my sister-in-law also baked something but I saw few eating hers.

I was planning to make a strawberry flower on top like the last one, but that didn’t come out as you see.
Some practice making up the cake but in the end only a few saw it like this before it got cut up into pieces.

Btw here the cake was already in its transportable case but my mom and I had to be really carefull in the car since it was sliding easily.
But we and the cake got there safely with pain in my arms for holding it up XD.


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