She’s on Duty – 잠복근무

I just watched this movie. 

And I have to say it is quite predictable.

It did have a good story line but figuring out who is good and who is bad was easy and you can guess from the beginning.

And even though it was supposed to be partial comedy it had more blood and violence than I expected from it.

Maybe because it wasn’t meant to be an all comedy with no sense of reality. (like where they hit a guy and he’s all fine (the rubber hammer comedy))

It did keep my attention unlike some movies that I still haven’t gotten further than the introduction.

She’s on duty” even though predictable it was for me something to watch and enjoy, maybe because there was one person in the movie whom I did not expect to be part of the bad guys. ^^

I won’t give it a number, because you have to judge by yourself.

For some reason this movie makes me think about the American movie : Bad boy

Let me know what you  think  about the movie, since it could help me be more objective and stuff.


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