Dutch sweets?

Who knows what this is!??

Guessed it?

If you did than you know it isn’t actually completely dutch but here they still sell them in old-fashioned candy stores (which are really hard to find sometimes.)

I’ll tell it for the ones that don’t know what it is…

liquorice root and caramel with and without flavour.  Here these are called “zoethout” and “stroopsoldaatjes.”

These are on the top of my list when I go into those old-fashioned-candy stores, because it is a simple sweet. (does that even exist a “simple sweet?”)

 Search wiki and you’ll read that supposedly in Italy they sell these too (the liquorice root)….BUT I’ve never been in Italy so I don’t know if that is true.

All I can tell is that I like these sweets. It is for the first time I actually found caramel with flavour since I usually had only caramel. And even though it is kinda weird to see someone sucking on a root it isn’t as disgusting as you think since the root really is sweet!  I can tell you a whole story from my herb book about the liquorice root, but that would spoil the fun for you to search it yourself.  ^_~

My question to who-ever reads this: Did you ever taste liquorice root? Or did you have some stranger sweets you tasted?

Really curious! Sincerely, DB


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