Honey cake


Filled with pastrycream and chocolateglaze on top

Yes I have been baking again but this time it is only made with mix-packages *blushes* I’m supposed to bake every week and try to making it from scratch but that hasn’t been going so well -_-‘

The only thing I DID make myself was ‘the supposed to be ganache‘ which became a good chocolate sauce for over the cake.

Chocolate sauce at least tastes great

The recipe I used forgot to mention I needed butter to make ganache -_-‘  OBVIOUS huh! I’ve checked the internet and they ALL contained butter except the one I had XD.

But I also made some snacks for work and just used the recipe for bread sticks.

Most of them came out bloated but these…..

...were just fine

Too bad I left them out on the table since there used to be a lot more until my dad found them XD.


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