Chocolate! i scream ^^

I could not let this go by. I had leftover whipped cream, some chocolate (always ready to bake) and eggs (bought 30 and they went away quick with baking those cakes last week)

And seeing different ice-cream recipes in my multitudes of recipe books (never counted them but when I was 17 I already had about 25 and there have been more coming into my collection in those years) I used my own this time since I did not trust the recipe books.

I had cases that you try something and follow the recipe EXACTLY like in the book and they end up in something they’re not supposed to be. (churros and cookies TT-TT)

Chocolate icecream

(sorry not the best picture but this was kinda my second portion already XD)

Tastes like those ready-made chocolate milk you can buy in a supermarket.

Think I know why…a little bit of vanilla-essence did it.

It is really sweet taste and I hope next time will be a lot better since I didn’t stir occasionally (yeah, we don’t have an ice-cream machine) and then it kinda hardened. But as soon as it melted a bit it became creamy ^^

Until next time 😛


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